Become an Ally

Who Can Participate?

It is our sincere belief that anyone who works with secular students, from high school all the way through graduate training and beyond, can (and should!) participate in Secular Safe Zone program. This does not only mean educators. We hope to see community, religious, and professional leaders participate, as well as students in leadership positions such as resident advisers and institutional staff.

Ally Training

Secular Safe Zone allies have the potential to make a huge difference in a young person’s life.  We may be role models for others and empower them to speak against prejudice in their own lives.  Secular Safe Zone allies will work with young people through one of the most difficult problems they'll ever face during one of the most difficult times in their lives.  Being a Secular Safe Zone ally is an enormous responsibility with great potential to make a difference.

We provide our training in a free and open format here on this website. It is our hope that you complete the training in whichever way best accomodates your needs. Whether it's in person or through this website you will get the same great training. Please visit our downloads page for your free PDF version of our Resource Guide for Allies. After you're done with the training, please register yourself as an official Secular Safe Zone ally!

Click Here to Register as an Ally

If you're interested in arranging a training for your institution, please check our locations page for your nearest Secular Safe Zone Facilitator or contact our Coordinator at

Facilitator Training 

The Secular Safe Zone program now offers specialized Facilitator training for Allies who wish to set up a Secular Safe Zone program at their institution. Please visit our Facilitator Program page for more information on this training or contact our Coordinator at


Andy at West Virginia University Training

Newly-trained Secular Safe Zone Allies with Coordinator Andy Cheadle-Ford (front center) at the University of West Virginia.